This section is about how to reduc food waste. We
see wasted food in man parts of our lives as there
are many situations where we have leftover food.
For example, many people have leftove when cooking, however many people don' know how deal with leftovers, which lead to excessive waste.


To address this problem, I have created the posters, an app, website, and innovative food container designs. My color theme for this section is an intense yellow because this type of yellow ha the meaning of warning. The use of large fonts conveys that the amount that is wasted is enormous. In the website, there are instructions on how to cook leftovers to create a delicious meal. There i also an app, and its primary function is to remind the user when their food will expire, thus reducing unnecessary waste. The container design focuses on the amount of food. It is a size-adjustable lunch box which can stretch and contract, and sizes available include a container with 1-2 servings,2-4 servings, and 4-6 servings. This can effectively control people to waste food by creating appropriate portion sizes.

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